Saturday, April 01, 2006

State of the Union

When I was a boy growing up I wondered if I would see the twenty-first century. Well now that I have made it I find myself in a world that I could not possibly have foreseen. It is not a pretty picture. Our country's leaders have lead us and much of the world into a cruel morass of senseless violence. I am deeply discouraged by the fact that the inept band holding power in Washington will remain in charge for over two more years. It should be evident to even his most partisan supporters that George W. Bush has neither the intellect nor temperment to hold our country's highest office.
We can only hope that a truly qualified leader will emerge in 2008. The candidate need not be charismatic. Nor must he or she be a Democrat or Republican. How the election process will be conducted and the quality of the person elected will determine the future of our country and will be judged by nations throughout the world.


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